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Warren Oree – (acoustic, upright bass), leader of Arpeggio Jazz and Music Ensemble – has traveled extensively, performing at jazz festivals throughout Europe, the Caribbean and South America. He has recorded and produced several CDs, and creates and coordinates a variety of music related community educational programs, seminars and workshops for children and adults providing a forum and outlet for emerging musicians, creative artists and the musically inquisitive.

Umar Raheem
(tenor and soprano saxophone) - has toured and recorded with Hank Mobley, Sunny Murray, Monnette Sudler and others. His musical style transcends all genres. He has a unique approach to his instrument that stands out in a sea of cliches. In 1997, Umar produced and recorded his debut CD as leader, entitled: “Big Boy’s Honor” (RHM Records). His talents as a composer are highlighted in this CD as well as his contributions to the ARPEGGIO catalog.

Tony “Stickman” Wyatt, Drums
        …Tony Wyatt has been a leader and educator for more then thirty years.  He has established himself as one of the top rated drummers in Philadelphia and tri-state area.  Tony has played for Hank Mobley, James Moody, Bootsie Barns, and a host of others.  As a leader he has commanded the, Freedom Express (Jazz & Soul), Sound of Freedom and Tony’s Universe.  In the past he was involved with the productions of Ambassador Satch, (story of Louis Armstrong), It  Ain’t Nothin But the Blues (Origin and history of the blues) and the cabaret version of Me & Misses Jones.  Currently Tony is teaching at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and the Performing Arts and performing with Georgie Bond’s Blues Band, Carl Grubbs Airwaves and Monet Sudler.


Warren Oree began playing the upright bass in 1973 at age 25. In 1975 he joined the group "Weusi Mutribu" and in 1979 he started the group that he leads today – The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble.

In addition to performing with Arpeggio, Warren has toured and/or recorded with: Jamaladeen Tacuma and Basso Nouveaux; Khan Jamal; Hamiette Bluiette. He has also performed with Donald Byrd, Wynton Marsalis, Odean Pope, and drummer Norman Connors. He has toured Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and throughout the United States.


When Warren isn't performing, he's busy behind the scenes composing, producing and arranging original works. He has composed the score for two documentaries by Harmony Image Productions entitled, "Anna Russell Jones – Praise Song for a Pioneer Spirit," which detailed the life and accomplishments of one of the first African-American Interior designers; and "Moving With the Dreaming," which was an in-depth look at the past and current struggles of the Australian Aborigines. Warren has also composed the theme song for two seasons of "Through the Lens," a TV program produced by Nadine Patterson for WYBE-TV channel 35, Philadelphia. His productions include a jazz opera entitled, "The Dream Tree," and he has written and directed a one act play about the effects of prison life on those inside and outside the prison walls entitled, "Living Forever, Waiting to Die." Most recently, the wireless phone company, T-Mobile has licensed with Warren Oree's production company to use excerpts from his original composition "Wet Walnuts and Whipped Cream."

Since 1990, Warren has been lecturing and presenting workshops on jazz, music composition, and other aspects of music and its business at libraries, public and private schools, and universities. Most recently Warren co-produced and was Artistic Director for the 2003 Philadelphia Jazz and Poetry Festival.

Also, he was commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to compose music for five paintings by African American artists.

The genesis of the ARPEGGIO sound was created in 1979 by bassist Warren Oree. Warren Oree & The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble have recorded seven CDs:

  • "LifeLine" - Silk Skin, 2002
  • "The Po/Jazz Connection: Live from Brave New World"
    – Silk Skin, 1999
  • "Slo/Burn" - Silk Skin, 1999
  • "Moving With the Dreaming" - Harmony Image, 1997
  • "Zanzibar Blue" - Sosa, 1995
  • "Behind the Mountain Wall" - Silk Skin, 1992
  • "Le-Le" - Silk Skin, 1987

Warren Oree & The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble have performed throughout the world, most recently at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival along with Pancho Sanchez, Chuck Mangione and other notable artists. ARPEGGIO’s repertoire includes original and standard compositions. Everyone in the band composes which gives the group a versatile sound that appeals to a variety of audiences. Their music is flexible, ranging from soft, contemplative melodies, to energetic, multi-rhythmic arrangements. It is not unusual for audiences to break out in dance in response to some of the pulsating beats issuing forth from the bandstand. They also have encouraged poets to share their writings and verse along with their musical accompaniment.

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