Donna Alexander


Miss Donna Alexander (Queen Mother of the Blues) born into a band of musicians and singers, father, mother and siblings. She started singing at the age of 5yrs old. Discovered by her father the late Rev. Joseph Alexander, she has been singing ever since.

Through her childhood she sang with her family.  Donna sang in various places around the tri state area. In later years she branched off on her own and sang with several gospel choirs, Grace and Truth Delegation, Travelers for Christ and the Deloris Jennings Community Choir,  just to name a few.

As Donnaís style of music was growing she stumbled upon a band called The Blues Brothers and thatís when her love for blues began. Not just the sound but the cultural history of how blues came to be and itís similarities to gospel music made her eager to learn more.

Donna has learned how the chronicles of one manís life can turn into a melody and she implements this into her song writing and arrangements. In 2009 she assembled a band of her own called Donna Alexander and her Shades of Blue.  This band is made up of both jazz and blues musicians which gives it a unique and special sound.

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