Bob Howelll

Bob with his son , Brian

Bob Howell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He left the city in 1965 to study at the Berklee School of Music in Boston and from there began to perform nationally and internationally, interrupted for two years by being drafted into the army and eventually and luckily being stationed in a post band.

He returned to live in Philadelphia permanently and continues to perform locally, nationally, and internationally. Bob's extensive performing background and recording experience in jazz and R&B enhance his work with music students, especially for those interested in a career in music. He has had opportunities to meet and play with people that were around Philly like Jaco Pastorius, Joey Defrancesco, Byron Landham.


Brian Howell, the son of saxophonist Bob Howell, started on playing the piano at 7, never quite getting it together on keys, he switched to electric bass at 13, then to upright at 16.

He attended the Creative and Performing Arts High School, Governor's School for the Arts, and University of the Arts for a year.

While still very young, Brian studied electric bass with Conrad Korsch (Rod Stewart, Debbi Gibson, etc) and "Avant Garde Musical Concepts" with legendary teacher Dennis Sandole (John Coltrane, Pat Martino, etc).

In 2006, started taking upright bass seriously and currently devoting most free time to learn the instrument and make up for lost education and time.

Along with working various gigs around the Philadelphia area, clubs in NYC, and some touring around US, Brian has played with Steve Giordano's Spacetet for 9 years, and is on the last 5 cd's of Steve's. He is currently a part of the Victor North quartet with Wynton alumnus Farrid Barron on piano and fellow high school classmate Wayne Smith on drums.

He appears regularly on rotation at Ortlieb's with Sid Simmons and Byron Landham on piano and drums. He has shared the stage or recorded with Jim Ridl, Logan Richardson, Hannibal Lokumbe, Ray Anderson, Terrell Stafford, John Swana, Duane Eubanks, Orrin Evans, Jimmy Bruno, Chris Farr, Mike Mainieri, Nate Birkey, Adam Unsworth, Ron Thomas, Jennifer Lopez, and others in the jazz and rock scene.

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